Mrs J Reed
Head Teacher

Rowans, Welwyn Garden City,
Hertfordshire, AL7 1NZ

01707 321203

Rowans Primary School

School Development Plan


The School Development Plan is a document written by Rowans that details the key goals, strategies and improvements we will be making in the next year. Every year we review the previous plan. Last year:

  • We ensured our data on children’s attainment and progress was accurate and that leaders and governors made good use of it to improve teaching and accelerate progress. As a result, more of our children are now at age related expectations and we have made significant gains in the numbers now exceeding them. Expectations for our children is high and we continue to push forward to ensure that even more children meet and exceed these expectations.
  • We ensured the quality of teaching was ever better and we know from feedback from from parents that many of you agree.
  • We ensured the children in early years made better progress. We improved the learning environment indoors and out and our staff have been working to give the children a really good start to their education.
  • We were asked to improve attendance. There has been a 4% increase over the year and this has been achieved in partnership with parents.

One of the questions governors always ask me when I inform them of improvements is ‘How do you know?’.  One of their roles as governors is to challenge the school and ask for evidence. One of our answers is to refer to external confirmation. Last year we were reviewed by Herts County Council. This is called an LEA Review and the final part was completed in the spring term 2016. They confirmed we had made good progress against these targets and met with our Chair of Governors to discuss it. We were very pleased with this outcome and I would like to thank the children, parents, staff and governors for their commitment to ensuring continual improvement.

The new SDP started after Easter. Please see below.  It contains the same overarching priorities as the previous year but the actions have developed and the key work we will be completing iare:

  • To develop and enrich the curriculum so that children find their whole education inspiring and engaging and it supports the development of reading, writing and maths. Parents will be invited in during the year to see for themselves.
  • Maths will be developed so that children become more fluent and can use equipment to help them visual mathematical facts and processes. You will notice a focus on learning times tables and being able to recall a range of facts from memory. Children will also be asked to ‘prove it!’ more often so that they become more fluent in explaining their understanding.
  • Attendance remains a priority with lateness being a focus along with attendance for our youngest children.
  • We will be looking for ways to further support all children but also for the most able.
  • Governors will continue to develop their skills in challenging the school to do better and will be making greater efforts to connect with parents to keep them updated and informed about the school.

 I hope that you find this update helpful and thank you to parents for their support of the school, its staff and children.